Lava Lunch™

Hot Lunch Anytime, Anywhere. Change The Way You Think About Lunch.

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Features & Benfits

  • Hot up to 5 hours
    With the use of our Lava Rock™
  • Saves you money
    Save thousands by bringing lunch from home.
  • The COLD Stays cold:
    Drinks, yogurt, and fruit stay fresh & nutritious.
  • The HOT Stays hot:
    Hot home cooked meals stay warm & delicious.
  • BPA free
The Only tote that keeps your food HOT!

The lunchbox that combines modern design with function!

This amazing feat of thermodynamics happens thanks to Lava Rocks™. Made of organic, plant-based material, and designed so that they cannot leak - even if punctured, this material is designed to absorb heat right from your microwave. Once the interior of the Lava Lunch™ begins to cool, the Lava Rocks™ release their stored energy. This is how Lava Lunch™ keeps your food hot for so long.

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The Lava Rock™

Each Lava Rock™ is made of organic material and can be reused thousands of times. Simply heat it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they're ready to use. Once they've fully cooled, they're ready to use again.

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