Lava Lunch Duo

Lava Lunch is an easy and practical solution that combines timeless design with function not available in any other lunch bag - Warmth!
The Duo is a dual compartment tote made of premium neoprene combined with our super-insulation for maximum heat retention, plenty of room to pack you favorite Hot and Cold foods, and a sturdy comfortable grip.  This is a seriously awesome tote.
The lower compartment is ideal for carrying your favorite hot foods, and is large enough to accommodate that deliciously gooey lasagna, together with two Lava Rocks. It's roomy interior features our super-insulation and an inside zipper placket to prevent heat from escaping.

The upper compartment is ideal for carrying anything and everything that you don't want kept warm.  Throw an ice pack in and your water bottle, fruit or yogurt will be kept colder in Lava Lunch than any other bag thanks to our super-insulation and inside zipper placket.

Each Lava Lunch box comes with two Lava Rocks which maintain warmth. Each Lava Rock activates with just a couple of minutes in the microwave, and can be reused hundreds of times. For best results, place one Lava Rock beneath your food and one above, close the zipper, and leave it closed until meal time.