Lava Lunch

What is Lava Lunch?

Lava Lunch is an easy and practical solution that combines timeless design with function not available in any other lunch bag - Warmth.  Lava Lunch keeps your food warm up to five hours and allows you to pack foods you never thought possible - grilled chicken with sauteed vegetables, stir fry vegetables and noodles, leftovers from last nights' lasagna, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, and even hamburgers or burritos - all kept warm.  It does so through a combination of our premium real neoprene, our proprietary super-insulation, and additional heat provided by our Lava Rocks. Our goal is to change the way people everywhere think about lunch.

How it Works

Lava Lunch is able to achieve this amazing feat of thermodynamics thanks to the special inserts we call "Lava Rocks". These contain a material designed to absorb heat right from your microwave - and store it for later. Then, once the interior of the Lava Lunch tote begins to cool, the Lava Rocks start to slowly release their stored energy into the interior of the tote, where is trapped thanks to our proprietary super-insulation. This is how Lava Lunch keeps your food warm for so long. The difference is noticeable and can change the way you think about lunch. And if that's not cool enough, they are also made of all natural, food-grade materials, are non-toxic, and can be re-used again and again. 

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 Lava Lunch Duo

Why Hot Food?  

As it turns out, there are quite a few scientifically proven benefits to eating a hot meal....

Hot food is healthier.  It is more easily digested, yielding greater nutrients to the body.  According to a 2003 study by H. Englyst & S. Kingman, some foods are resistant to being broken down when raw but was rendered rapidly digestible by all conventional cooking techniques.
Warm foods boost metabolism.  Cold foods have a detrimental effect on digestive system and slow down metabolism. This hinders weight loss. For people concerned with their weight or with weight loss hot food is the way to go.  Eating warm food often brings more satisfaction than cold food, so they just feel good too.
The thermogenic (warming) effect slightly increases the temperature in your brain, so you feel satisfied and happy with your meal sooner.  Again, this is beneficial to those concerned with their weight or weight loss.
Warm food tastes better.  A 2011 study by Ori Hofmekler demonstrates that more of the flavonoids, indoles, and other phytonutrients bound to the fiber of many veggies and fruits are released and can be better absorbed when they’re cooked. In other words, they taste better. 

Now you too, can eat well and feel great.  Enjoy the benefits of a healthy, hot lunch from home - anytime, anywhere.

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The Back Story

When our founder's oldest son was young he stopped growing!  After medical evaluation and testing, she found out that his problems were the result of food allergies and intolerance, and quickly changed the diet for the whole family. 

The result? Within one week his hyperactivity abated. Within six months he grew several inches. He is now an incredibly smart, funny, healthy boy.

While the benefits of a more natural, healthier diet were very visible and obvious, a method for maintaining it wasn't. This new diet presented quite a challenge. Eating out? Forget about it. Almost every store or restaurant bought meal contains some allergen or other no-no food. Parties and treats provided by schools or daycare? Nope. These are usually made with gluten, dairy, and other allergens. Not to mention packed with preservatives, chemicals and dyes. School lunches? Not a chance. Highly processed mystery meat was definitely out. In the end she cooked all natural, whole foods at home, packing them in some sort of container and carrying it with them everywhere they went. But how to keep warm and tasty?

And so, Lava Lunch was born.

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