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Nicole Goodman-Ascolese:    Works great! Finally my Kindergartenercan eat a warm lunch and not nasty cafeteria food or yet another boring sandwhich!!  The hot packs also have areas safe to touch. But for my Kindergartener it was as easy as simply asking the teacher to help him remove the top one. My 5 year old was able to safely remove the top hot pack once I showed him. We love its ease of use. 

Nicole Goodman-Ascolese;   BTW got mine last week. It is amazing as I previously said!

Especially if your kid has a fools allergy. We are gluten free and have to pack lunches everyday. He has to heat them up and depending on the line at the microwave, it can take him 10-15 min of his 30 min lunch.  Natalie Yang Lee-Wen

Love this idea, so much healthier than having kids buy not lunches at school. Cindy Grabner

Juliana Seitles:   Best idea ever! 

Lana Amawi Hanane:   Best.thing.EVER!!! We have EMPTY lunchboxes!!

KaiPing Albright:   We have used Lava Lunch for a week now. My kids absolutely love it! Thank you for the invention. I was surprised how small the food container was. However, it turned out to be just right for my kids (9, 11) when I filled the container. 
One suggestion for the next version: flip the hot with the the cold compartment. Hot air goes up while cold goes down. It would be easier to keep cold drinks cold if the compartment is in the bottom. I froze half of the drink and filled the other half with cold drink in the morning. This works well for now.

Michele Smith:   I just purchased Lava Lunch! The first week of school has been a super success. My 10 year old is thrilled to finally have a hot lunch from home. We tried everything on the market Nothing ever kept the food hot. Lava Lunch is amazing! Thank you!!

Alyson Nohea:   Got mine last week. Works great!

Kat Miller:   The kids love it



My kids love their lava lunch bags. They say the food is not burning hot by the time they eat lunch but it is still very warm. I have packed leftover pizza in between the rocks (using non-stick foil wrapped around the slices). Most of the time I pack a grilled chicken sandwich with melted cheddar for my son and I wrap it up in foil then place between the rocks. I have a small stainless steel thermos brand thermos that is supposed to keep food hot, but it never did. I put macaroni and cheese in that thermos and nestle it between the rocks and it stays hot. Best of luck with future products!

Barbara Napierski Upper Saddle River, NJ


My son is a happy camper !!! It keeps his hot lunches and save him from eating the horrible school cafeteria food. However the side bottle holder reaps so easy since is a mesh cloth I recommend to insert a koozie on it to avoid problem, the green color that I order it gets dirty so easy so we have to wash it very extremely often, I have to add an insulated clip on lunch bag to so he can bring his cold fruit ,yogurt, etc wish the handle was a little bigger for that or they will add an extra compartment for the star goodies that do not need to be hot. Planning on buying the next one on black!!


My son is a fairly picky eater, so LavaLunch gives me the option to send hotdogs or quesadillas or mac n' cheese to school with him, knowing they stay nicely hot. I wrap the hotdogs or quesadillas in tin foil. I use glass containers for mac n' cheese. I put the whole hot lunch tote inside another larger tote for his water, apple, carrots and cukes, The "lava" rocks and glass container means the lunch is a bit heavier than his ordinary lunch box, but on days when I drive him to school, the weight isn't a consideration. He's always delighted on the days he gets his "lava lunch."  By Katherine A.


I ordered one lava lunch for my daughter. It's so good I ended up ordering one for everyone in the household. It's especially good for families on a budget. I pack left overs which saves me a fortune. The family loves a home cooked hot lunch!  By jillian h nelson


THIS WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! My 10 yr old son is a picky eater...they only have hot lunch at school 1 day a week and he wanted hot lunch everyday....this was the answer....I fix his hot lunch at 6:30 a.m. and its still hot when he eats at noon. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the price of this was a little steep when I ordered it and to be honest I was skeptical that it would work...so glad I was proven wrong  By Laura

it took my husband awhile to get the "hang" of this lunch bag and the "lava rocks". first time around, he warmed up the lava rocks in the microwave, but didn't warm up the actual food before packing it with the lava rocks into the lava lunch bag. I think that's the trick - EVERYTHING, food AND lava rocks NEED TO BE WARMED IN MICROWAVE FIRST before packing to take to work/school. once he made sure to warm up EVERYTHING (i.e. food and rocks) then packed it in the lava lunch bag, he said it made all the difference! when he had lunch that day when he had warmed up everything, he said it was awesome and that he was the envy of all the guys on the job site :) I felt kind of bad though thinking of all those guys, just like my Hubby, that deserve a hot lunch while they slave away all day outside :( so I told my Hubby to make sure they all knew what the brand was so THEIR wives could buy them a lava lunch sack too ;) I gave it four (4) stars only because of the time it takes to warm everything up and throw it together. Our mornings are SUPER rushed and it would've been nice if we didn't have to warm the food too. otherwise, perfect product :)  By Tammy Amuan

By ian maharaj Just as advertised. Comes with two lava rocks and simple microwaving instructions for them. No complaints and now i have a great simple way of taking my meals with me and not worrying about finding a microwave or eating cold food.

By Savio Keeps your food warm by lunch time, not hot. It comes with two lava rocks, so no need to buy them separately. Overall, it's good. Probably the best heated lunch sack there is.

By Kim - Not sure what all of your are doing wrong but my son LOVES this lunch box and he said it keeps his lunch warm until it is time for him to eat. We normally send him with leftovers and heat it up before he leaves for school and then heat up the rocks and put them on each side of the stainless steel container I bought and it works perfect. The main reason why I bought this lunch kit was my son had lost a lot of weight and when I went and looked at the calories in the school lunch most of them were between 2000 and 3000 per meal I had to look for something different and I knew he would not want to eat a sandwich everyday. This has been a God send for us.

By St Nick This is the second one we've purchased. My kids have a healthy, WARM lunch from home, everyday at school. Love this item! (Or should I say "Lava this item!)