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While other lunch bags let your pack cold foods and unhealthy packaged foods, Lava Lunch helps families everywhere pack fresh, healthy HOT meals.   For those who want to carry a larger portion of Hot or Cold items.  This single-compartment tote delivers.

Lava Lunch is flexible, durable, made of all non-toxic materials, and can be re-used hundreds of times.  This means a healthy, delicious HOT meal for you and your family, significant cost savings, improved nutrition, and the ability to pack literally any food imaginable.  And really, with the ability to pack any Hot or cold food imaginable – why would anyone ever need another lunch bag?  It’s perfect for school, work, sports, and everywhere else.

No more wasting money on lunches that your picky eater brings back uneaten.  Lava Lunch will restore sanity to your morning routine and saving your time and money while taking the stress out of your budget and keeping your family happy and calm.

No more wondering what’s in that mystery meat at school, or quick restaurant meal.  Lava Lunch will instill confidence and calm to your everyday meal prep routine while keeping your family healthy and well nourished.

This tote does not come with our Lava Rocks.  It will hold heat and cold temperatures better than any other bag on the market due to its design, proprietary insulation, and heat-reflective lining. However, to reach 5 hours HOT, please include two of our Lava Rocks.

The lunch bag features a zip closure with a specially designed zipper placket to lock in the heat, a padded comfortable grip, and two roomy compartments.

This soft sided lunch bag is made from non-toxic neoprene, and has a food-safe, heat-reflective, water-resistant lining.  Like all Lava Lunch products this lunch bag is made from PVC-, BPA, phthalate-, formaldehyde- and lead-free materials.  Simple care:  the interior wipes clean, spot clean the exterior.

Lava Lunch is an easy and practical solution that combines timeless design with function not available in any other lunch bag - Warmth.

We believe that providing a healthy, Hot lunch is one of the most important things you can do for your family, and that in helping you to do this for your family, we are creating happier parents and healthier families.   We designed Lava Lunch for our own family and we want the best for yours.  Proudly designed by our founder in New Jersey.

For best results, microwave both Lava Rocks at one time, placed side by side on the microwave turn table. Once heated, place one Lava Rock beneath your food container and one on top, close the zipper, and leave it closed until meal time.
Dimensions:  7" x 5" x 11"
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