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Simply The Best food container.  This 500 ml container holds just the right amount for a delicious Hot meal.  

The best part about this container is that it can go directly from your fridge, to microwave, to your Lava Lunch tote - without ever having to remove the food, or re-pack it.  Leftovers from your dinner?  No problem.  Portion them out into lunch size meals,  pack the in the containers, and store them in the fridge over night.  In the morning, simply pop open the vent on top of the lid, heat it in the microwave, close the vent and pop it in your Lava Lunch along with the heated Lava Rocks.  Hot lunch for everyone, Easy Peasy.  

Pack a salad, cold snack, condiments or dip in a second container - and pack that in the second compartment of your Lava Lunch.  

This container features a snap-on lid with silicon no-slip grips and vented lid.  It is dishwasher and microwave safe, BPA-free, & Phalate-free.

The Best Microwaveable Food Container The Best Microwaveable Food Container